The mission of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations is to promote social empowerment and a collaborative society. It is rooted in a century-long tradition of giving founded on humanism, inclusion and the search for excellence. We continue to apply the same principles in the transformation of our philanthropic legacy by identifying innovative solutions and creative partnerships in education, the arts, health and social entrepreneurship.
Capacity-building is at the core of our activities as we equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to improve their own lives and those of others. We develop environments and relationships where human beings, communities and institutions draw on each other’s capabilities to create a better world.
We also demand the best from ourselves and seek to measurably improve our contribution and the impact of our programs. We value successes as well as failures for what they teach us.
By cross-fertilizing experience and initiatives, our international network builds a professional community of changemakers who are an extraordinary source of inspiration.
As a clearinghouse and a multiplier of best practices in the social sector, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations bring an entrepreneurial zeal to philanthropy.